Wednesday, May 21, 2008

marianist,thrift shop adventures, and such...

Hi Everyone! For my project I am working in the Marianist building. I am putting up
artwork in the first floor, second floor, and fourth floor halls. As you can see the halls are pretty plain- neutral colors and blank walls. I plan on putting up some photography and maybe incorporating some printmaking in there somewhere, (with sara's help). Some of my ideas include taking color pictures in the marianist library in Roesch (UD's library) and taking pictures in Merc (Merk??) the warehouse/gallery downtown on third st. that had an incredible setup for Urban Nights. We'll see what happens!

The image to the right is a picture of one of my cardboard models for Marianist. A few of us have started making our models early. We each have to make models for our spaces. That's been an interesting experience...

So what has been my motivation in getting through the cardboard fiasco? Well, I'm glad you asked.....

Katie and Lucas and I went on a thrift shop adventure, visting a few stores in town for stuff for our projects which is where I found this Lite Brite. And I love it. It's in mint condition almost. I also found a great soviet union record from the sixties which Artem has been translating at random. It's fantastic, too. And fun to listen to while working!
That's all for now!


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